My whole life is kids. I watch them at work. I play and pray with them at my home church, Bayside Presbyterian. I’ve gotten close to a few of those kids in both places. I’ve learned so many thing from these kids and their families. There is Emerie, the leader, who taught me that even the strongest  people come in the smallest bodies. Gabby, sweet Gabby, taught me be how to be kind to everyone big and small. Ruth, the soft hearted and creative, taught me not to be scared to tell how you feel. Mira, the biggest helper known to man, taught that sometimes you just need to calm down and speak your peace. Lucy, the quiet, taught me that some of the best lessons you can learn are from movies. Carolina, my peanut, taught that sometimes you are alright when you take a fall and to always get back up. Last, but mighty Deacon, the curious, taught that you need to ask questions in order to learn. I’m going to miss them all so much when I’m down in NOLA. I’ll continue to learn from them up until the day I leave. I’m sure there are going to be more kids I learn from. These kids just jump started it.