Hey Y’all,

I’m Cherokee. I’m 21 years old and currently living in Virginia Beach, VA. I’m about to embark, in 5 months, on the greatest journey my life has ever taken me. Somethings you should know is I’m one of seven children who call my mom, well, Mom. I’m 6 out of 7 and 4 out of 5 of whom my mom biologically gave birth to. I’m mostly of Scottish decent with some German and Cherokee (hence the name) thrown in there. So, you are probably wondering what this so-called journey or Epic is that I’m going to embark on. Well, it’s my Young Adult Volunteer (or YAV if you like acronyms better) year in New Orleans, LA (or NOLA). I’ll be spending 12 months of my life doing God’s work and discerning what exactly my calling in the Church is. I’m, also, an avid lover of nail polish . I change the color of my nails each week or sometimes once my nails start chipping. Ultra-conveniently, OPI (my favorite brand of nail polish) has just released a NOLA collection and I, like a crazy person, bought of all them. Can you tell I’m just a little excited? I haven’t learned much about what I’m doing in NOLA, but I’m ready to go and learn and become an overall better person because of it. I’ll post more in the weeks to come and more often the closer we get.

Here’s Cherokee signing off!

Later, Gator!